zara hanoi

Vincom Center

42 days

Of design, manufacture, shipping and installation.

1,000 slats

Aluminium Slats. (8 Empire States)

700 meters

Linear meters of profile

19 shipments

Air shipments of material

The imposing façade of the Zara cửa hàng located in the Vincom Center shopping mall in Hanoi was conceptualised, manufactured and installed in a period of 42 days, which required a large deployment of professionals at each stage of the project.

The aluminium slats used are equivalent to tát the height of 8 Empire States, with a total of 1,000 pieces, in addition to tát 19 tons of glass, 4,200 vinyl sheets, 508 m² of polycarbonate, 700 linear metres of neoprene or 646 m² of curtain wall profile, all manufactured in our production plants in the Czech Republic, Spain and Asia.

The Project

The complexity of this project lắc in the logistics, due to tát the regulations of the different countries of production and delivery, as well as the volume of the materials to tát be shipped, for which 19 international shipments were necessary, 7 of them by air.

A total of 44,000 kilos of material were installed in the Zara cửa hàng in Hanoi, which required the deployment of đôi mươi qualified workers to tát supervise and

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coordinate the entire assembly and installation process, with the tư vấn of the rest of the colleagues from KIMAK's headquarters.

A success story lượt thích this is possible thanks to tát our implemented one-stop-shop-partner method in which we take care of the whole process, making sure that each phase is executed correctly and on time, ví that nothing goes wrong.

ZARA Hanói

Zara launches in Vietnam. The Inditex Company has just opened its first cửa hàng in the Asian country and continues to tát gain international presence".

Elena Campos Valladares

Journalist in Fashion Network

Technical details


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