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Theobroma Cocoa-The Food Of Gods from 100% pure cocoa ingredients and không tính phí sugar. Especially there are 3 styles available involved: Good Morning, Good Afternoon and good Evening. Three different styles with different ingredients fit with your health in 3 different period of time a day.

The Good Afternoon and Good Evening contain kg calories of total fat, protein nội dung, carbohydrate, and energy that are quite similar amount. They are both pure, natural and non-sugar with rich taste and aroma.

Otherwise, the Good Morning style-cocoa powder is natural and genuine, made from ground cocoa beans with cocoa butter removed, without any preservatives, blenders ,contains total fat, crude protein, energy, starch and also plus total N ( from Alkaloids, crude protein), sugar, total dietary fiber, flavanoids, organic acids, ash, several minerals, and vitamins because you need much more varieties of nutrients in the morning đồ sộ start đồ sộ work, very good medicinal values for cardiac health, high blood, cancer, diabetes, dementia, stroke, depression, stress, mood elevator, premature aging.

Family package size= 15 servings

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Net weight= 150 gram

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