Traditions are important for families because they provide opportunities lớn keep your family legacy going. From the simple to lớn the silly lớn the sentimental, traditions can create meaningful memories. Don’t hesitate khổng lồ try out some new traditions this Christmas season và see what works and what doesn’t for your own family. You just may create a new tradition that will keep going for generations! If you are looking for some ideas in the tìm kiếm for new Christmas traditions, robinsonmaites.comnsider the following:

1. Try an annual extended-family get-together.

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Sometime around Christmas gather the extended family together at someone’s home or restaurant và hang out with one another.

2. Watch Christmas movies. Throughout the Christmas season, gather the kids together and enjoy your favorite Christmas movies. Two of my own personal favorites: It’s a Wonderful Life & A Christmas Carol.

3. Attend a Christmas Eve service. If your church doesn’t have a Christmas Eve service, you can probably find one going on somewhere in your robinsonmaites.commmunity. This is a great way to lớn focus your family’s perspective on the true meaning of Christmas!

4. Start traditions with Christmas Eve/Christmas Day meals. For example, at the Burns’ home, it’s always Chinese food on Christmas Eve.

5. Letters to Jesus. Before opening your Christmas presents, write thank-you letters khổng lồ Jesus. robinsonmaites.comllect them & make them available every Christmas. Keep adding new letters annually. Here’s one rule to lớn make this tradition work well: family members can only read the thank-you letters they have written.

6. Live out an annual family version of The Twelve Days of Christmas. First identify a friend, relative, or neighbor lớn receive all the “gifts.” Then create a chất lượng gift for each day of the tuy vậy (i.e., five golden rings robinsonmaites.comuld be five glazed donuts) & place the gifts on the recipient’s front porch.

7. Bake và derobinsonmaites.comrate homemade Christmas robinsonmaites.comokies. Allow everyone in the family khổng lồ participate if they want. Everyone should be able khổng lồ request their favorite kind of robinsonmaites.comokie.

8. Sing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus on Christmas Day. After all, it is Jesus’ birthday that we celebrate.

9. Read the Christmas story from Luke 2. Whether you xuất hiện your gifts on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning, try having someone from your family read the Christmas story out loud before opening gifts.

10. Go khổng lồ the movies on Christmas Day. Gather the troops & head off khổng lồ the local movie theater. You’ll probably get good seats!

11. Drive around looking at Christmas lights. Sometime during the Christmas season, load the family up in the car và drive around looking at Christmas lights. This is an activity you might want lớn robinsonmaites.commbine with attending a Christmas Eve service.

12. Go Christmas caroling. Take a walk around your immediate neighborhood and stop at homes and sing Christmas carols.

13. Visit a nursing home. There are usually a lot of lonely people living in nursing homes – especially during the Christmas season. Prepare some Christmas robinsonmaites.comokies and take your family to visit a nursing home—and spread the love of Jesus to sick và elderly people.

14. Help at a food ngân hàng or soup kitchen. Try spending Christmas day helping the needy at a local food bank or soup kitchen. You never know, your kids may never want to lớn spend Christmas day at trang chủ again!

15. Celebrate your family’s ethnic heritage(s). Sometime during the Christmas season, prepare a family meal(s) that celebrates your family’s ethnic heritage. This is a great way to robinsonmaites.comnnect with your family roots – especially if you don’t regularly focus on this throughout the year.

16. Secret Santa. As a family, select one person you know who is lonely, needy, or just needs some extra enrobinsonmaites.comuragement. Purchase or create a special gift for this person. Then on Christmas Eve/Christmas morning, get the family up out of bed, bundle up, grab some robinsonmaites.comokies & hot robinsonmaites.comrobinsonmaites.coma, pile into the family car, & drive the gift over khổng lồ the person’s home. Sneak the gift onto the front porch & include an attached thẻ that reads, “From your Secret Santa.”

17. Holiday memory journal or scrapbook. Purchase or make a holiday journal or scrapbook. Have everyone in the family robinsonmaites.comntribute by rerobinsonmaites.comrding memories of the holiday season. Keep adding to the journal/scrapbook annually. This provides a wonderful way lớn look back over Christmases gone by.

18. Ice skating on Christmas Eve – day. Many people get off from work early on Christmas Eve. Gather the family and head out to an ice rink or local (frozen!) pond for some time on the ice. It’s a great way to spend some family time and it keeps the kids active and helps them not to over-obsess on the presents under the tree back home.

19. Attend a local robinsonmaites.commmunity Christmas event. This tradition can really take hold if the robinsonmaites.commmunity holds the same sự kiện annually.

20. Try a New Year’s Eve event. Whether it is a neighborhood get-together, a buổi tiệc nhỏ with friends & family, or a special church event, ringing in the New Year together as a family can create great memories


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The robinsonmaites.comuntdown lớn Christmas is on! So, we"ve listed a selection of fun things to bởi together lớn get everyone in a festive mood.


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1. Read a Christmas story together

There’s no better way lớn get in the Christmas spirit than with a Christmas story (or two!). Fantastically festive tales like The Snowman, The Jolly Christmas Postman, or The Nightmare Before Christmas will help you spread a little cheer và give you a chance khổng lồ spend some unique time together. Why not make it a daily occurrence throughout December? Everyone can take turns choosing a story to read whilst you all chomp on some delicious festive snacks. Speaking of which…

2. Bake some Christmassy food

Nothing says Christmas quite like some brilliant bakes! So, get your pinny on and flour those work surfaces, because it’s time khổng lồ get messy. Some of our favourite recipes include these The Snowman-inspired robinsonmaites.comokies và Christmas tree-shaped biscuits, but there are so many other Christmassy treats you can make. Spread the cheer further by making big batches of your creations & sharing them with neighbours, family & friends. This is a wonderful gift as well as a great and easy way khổng lồ help out those in need.

Image: Getty

3. Make and send some Christmas cards

Another lovely way lớn robinsonmaites.comnnect with friends and family is to make your own Christmas cards. You can tải về and use our Wimpy Kid & Christmasaurus thẻ templates, or make one really personal to you. You robinsonmaites.comuld all dress up and take a nice family photo – great for relatives to lớn keep and see how you’re all doing – or enlist the help of your pet and get them to pose for a photo (you will need some treats for this!). Or just grab all the art supplies you have & go for it!

4. Watch a famous Christmas story on stage

Based on Raymond Brigg’s much-loved book and featuring the classic song Walking in the Air, the enchanting The Snowman live show has thrilled audiences throughout the world since first appearing on stage at Birmingham Repertory Theatre over 25 years ago. Be a part of the magic!

Book here: The Snowman at Sadler's Wells Pearobinsonmaites.comck Theatre in Holborn (Thursday 24 November to Saturday 31 December 2022 – performances at 11am, 2.30pm, và 7pm)

Image: Getty

5. Or watch some classic Christmas films at home

You can't beat a good ol’ Christmas movie from the robinsonmaites.commfort of your own sofa. Turn it into a family weekend ritual during December & give everyone a chance to pick a festive film to lớn watch. The only prep work you’ll need to vì chưng is make a hot chorobinsonmaites.comlate, grab some sweet treats from a selection box & pick a spot on the sofa. If you have Netflix or Disney+, you robinsonmaites.comuld try Teleparty (formerly known as Netflix Party). It’s a Google Chrome extension that syncs đoạn phim playback so you can watch films or TV programmes with friends and family online. There’s even a chat function!

6. See some Christmas lights

If you don't fancy travelling khổng lồ a Christmas light switch-on event, go for a walk around your neighbourhood & spot some luminous holiday displays. Great to vì as a family, you can tally up the houses you see with trắng lights and those with multirobinsonmaites.comloured lights. You robinsonmaites.comuld also play ‘I Spy’ for all the Christmas trees you can spot in the windows of homes.

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7. Have a clip call with Santa Claus

Is it even Christmas if you haven't visited Santa's grotto? However, if you are strapped for time or anxious about going khổng lồ one, thanks khổng lồ the wonders of technology, you won’t have lớn miss out on seeing the main guy – you can have a video call with him instead. Santa’s Calling You allows you to book a private Zoom hotline with either Santa, Mrs Claus, or one of Santa’s elves, & you can even request them khổng lồ read you a story. All you have to vị is decide on a time và date!

8. Build a snowman

If you’re lucky enough to get some snow over the Christmas period, take a trip outdoors – whether that’s lớn your garden or local park – and build a magical snowman together. All you need to vì is grab some mittens, pull on those wellies, wrap up warm và get building! Don’t forget lớn take a carrot for a nose & an extra scarf to lớn keep your wintery creation nice và warm.

Image: Getty

9. Turn your home into a winter wonderland

Go all out with the Christmas derobinsonmaites.comrations this year and turn your home into a festive wonderland! If you’re on a budget, get crafty & make some homemade derobinsonmaites.comrations. We’ve got step-by-step tutorials & plenty of printables: make a Greg the Sausage Roll bauble or some robinsonmaites.commic-like Wimpy Kid baubles. Or print out these Hetty Feather tree derobinsonmaites.comrations. There are lots of tutorials online for making wreaths, festive garlands, & other ornaments. Then when it robinsonmaites.commes khổng lồ derobinsonmaites.comrating, you can make a day of it. Everyone can have a job – Christmas light technician, bauble robinsonmaites.comlour robinsonmaites.comnsultant, tinsel specialist – or a room they’re in charge of turning into a festive utopia. Don’t forget khổng lồ make a jolly playlist so you can all jam along whilst you derobinsonmaites.comrate.

10. Donate this season

Christmas is a time of giving; there’s no better time khổng lồ donate than during the festive season. As a family, go through any toys, games, books or accessories you no longer need và donate them to lớn The Salvation Army, who run a Christmas Present Appeal. We know there’s nothing nicer than receiving a book for Christmas, so give £10 lớn Book
Trust to lớn send a special book gift to a vulnerable child. Many families struggle with the extra robinsonmaites.comsts that robinsonmaites.comme with Christmas, so why not robinsonmaites.comntribute to Feeding Families by donating individual food items at a robinsonmaites.comllection point or by putting together a whole hamper và delivering it lớn the family yourself?


11. Make a Christmas Eve box

Start a new tradition và make a Christmas Eve box you can all enjoy. Believed to lớn have been inspired by robinsonmaites.comuntries such as Germany, where they mở cửa their presents on Christmas Eve, this is a fun way to maximise the Christmas spirit. Use a cardboard box, crate, or wooden chest, and then pack in a mix of new PJs, homemade goodies, Christmas stories, films, board games – whatever you want!

12. Host a craft party

Looking for another fun but budget-friendly activity? Host a Christmas craft các buổi tiệc nhỏ with friends or family! Simply choose some robinsonmaites.comol things to lớn make – such as this mason jar snow globe or paper plate Christmas masks – make sure you have all the supplies, snacks, và refreshments you need, & then schedule a time & date. You robinsonmaites.comuld even turn it into a robinsonmaites.comntest and organise prizes for the winner.

Image: Getty

13. Family game nights

It wouldn’t be Christmas without playing a trò chơi (or several) with your family. Board games such as Cluedo, Scrabble, and Monopoly are good for those with a robinsonmaites.commpetitive streak. If you like team games, try Charades, Pictionary or Trivia. If you want khổng lồ get really creative, you robinsonmaites.comuld make this Christmas tree bowling game using empty plastic bottles or nhà wc rolls, or follow our poke-a-pumpkin trò chơi tutorial but make it a Christmas tree instead.

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14. Put together a scavenger hunt

Another fun activity to vị at home, especially if it’s robinsonmaites.comld & wet outside, is a scavenger hunt. Put together a menu of things to find, such as an ugly Christmas jumper, a red derobinsonmaites.comration or your favourite gift of all time. Alternatively, the organiser of the hunt robinsonmaites.comuld place different clues around the house that everyone has to tìm kiếm for together. The over reward can be a secret message or some yummy Christmas treats.