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Honda Nova Sonic RS

The Honda Sonic is a 125 cc, later 150 cc underbone motorcycle designed for the Southeast Asian market by Honda. It is the part of the Nova series of sports oriented underbone motorbikes produced since the mid-1990s.


Sonic 125 RS Super

The Sonic is fitted with the European CBR125R and Indonesian CS1 4-stroke engine. It was adapted to tướng liquid cooling due to tướng hotter weather conditions. The single-cylinder engine redlines at 10,900 rpm.[citation needed]

The engine utilizes an overbore design with two bigger valves. It also has a bigger Keihin carburetor with 28 mm venturi diameter.[citation needed]

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The Sonic comes in two models, RS and RS Super.[citation needed]

Sonic 150R[edit]

Sonic 150R at the năm 2016 Jakarta Fair, Indonesia.

The Sonic 150R was launched in August năm ngoái in Indonesia. It is powered by a 150 cc liquid-cooled, DOHC, 4-valve, single-cylinder engine mated to tướng a 6-speed constant mesh transmission. The Sonic 150R is built at Honda's Karawang plant, West Java, Indonesia. In the Philippines, the xe đạp is named RS150 (not to tướng be confused with the RS150R sold in Malaysia, as it is a rebadged Winner that sold in Vietnam).[citation needed]

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