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This article is about 4 Class-Saber-Gold Artoria Pendragon (Alter). For other variations, see Artoria (Disambiguation).

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The rising sun, reversed, strikes down the dragon. The darkened King of Knights follows in Vortigern's footsteps.

Unlock Description Translation🛈 Default 聖杯の呪いに侵され、


Corrupted by the curse of the Holy Grail, this is the merciless side of the King of Knights.
Or perhaps this is the true nature of the "Ideal King" that King Arthur sought to tướng be.
Altria controlled her own power and held back, but in this state, she wields her immense power without hesitation.

Having been violated by the curse of the Holy Grail, this is the side of the King of Knights that persists in being heartless.
Maybe the "ideal king" that King Arthur pursued was something lượt thích this after all.
Artoria used to tướng contain her own power, but in this condition she wields powerful magical energy without hesitation.

Bond 1 身長/体重:154cm・42kg

属性:秩序・悪  性別:女性

Height/Weight: 154cm, 42kg
Origin: Legend of King Arthur
Region: England
Alignment: Lawful-Evil
Gender: Female
A merciless tyrant. A gluttonous dragon.

Height/Weight: 154cm ・ 42kg
Source: Arthurian Legends
Region: Great Britain (Romano-British Kingdoms)
Alignment: Lawful ・ Evil
Gender: Female
A tyrant that persisted in being heartless. A gluttonous Dragon.

Bond 2 鎧が漆黒に染まり重量も増しているため、


The once shining armor has turned đen thui and
is now heavier, but the added weight has increased her attack power.
However, her agility has gone down.
With a ruthless cold persona, Altria seems
like a completely different person. But if you are willing to tướng dig deeper, you will see that what lies at the bottom is still the same.

Because the armor was dyed jet đen thui and grew in weight, the power has increased more than vãn normally.
On the other hand, it seems that agility has decreased.
A behavior without futility, a cold-headed personality that makes Artoria seems lượt thích a different person, but if one is to tướng carefully come in liên hệ with her, they might notice that what lies at the basis is still the same.

Bond 3 ○魔力放出:A


Mana Burst: A
Surrounds herself with magical energy on her weapon and body toàn thân, and can instantly discharge it to tướng improve her stats. Like jet propulsion via magical energy.
Altria herself has normal muscular strength, but by using her overwhelming magical energy she can power up any and every activity to tướng defeat many enemies.

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Mana Burst: A
Raises abilities by wrapping the weapons or one's own body toàn thân in magical energy and then instantaneously releasing it. Jet propulsion by means of magical energy. Artoria herself possesses average physical strength, but she managed to tướng defeat countless enemies by strengthening all actions with her excessive magical energy.

Bond 4 『約束された勝利の剣』

ランク:A++ 種別:対城宝具

『Excalibur Morgan』
Rank: A++
NP Type: Anti-Fortress
Sword of Promised Victory.
The sword shines with dark aura. Because
she wields the sacred sword as she sees fit
without controlling her power, the magical energy particles bởi not emit light, but darkness.
It is similar to tướng the breath of the dragon Vortigern, which once revealed itself to tướng protect the island of Britain.

The Sword of Promised Victory
Rank: A++
Type: Anti-Fortress
Excalibur Morgan.
The sword of đen thui aurora.
Because she is wielding the holy sword to tướng her heart's nội dung, without controlling her own magical energy, the particles of magical energy ended up becoming not light, but a darkness that swallows light.
Such condition is similar to tướng the breath of the demonic dragon Vortigern, which manifested to tướng protect the Isle of Britain.

Bond 5 生前、一度も悪の道に落ちなかったアルトリアだが、彼女にも迷いや葛藤、自身への怒り、周囲への嘆きは存在した。


Altria never took the path of evil in her life. But she did have doubts, worries, anger at herself, and sorrow for those around her.
This sườn is where the curse made those thoughts surface, and completely reversed her "principles."
Her objective and her ideals have not changed.
Normally Altria is kind and just, but this
Altria feels that oppression is also a path to tướng obtain her ideals.

While alive, Artoria did not fall into the path of evil even once, but she too had doubts, inner conflicts, hatred towards herself, and grief towards her surroundings.
This figure is something that raised such issues to tướng the surface by means of a curse and caused her "policy" to tướng go inverse.
There is no change in her goals, ideals themselves.
The usual Artoria persisted in being chaste for the sake of her ideals, but this Artoria approves tyrannical rule for the sake of her ideals.

Clear Interlude 1 Extra 魔力炉心が規格外なためか、とにかくよく食べるサーヴァント。


Perhaps due to tướng the abnormal amount of magical energy she hosts, Altria eats a lot.
Even her tastes in food, what you could Điện thoại tư vấn someone's identity, changes. She spits out carefully crafted meals as disgusting, and munches down on immense amounts of junk food.
She eats terribly, but is very satisfied.
Eating this way is a kind of happiness.

Maybe because her magic reactor goes outside the scale, at any rate she is a Servant that eats a lot.
Even her food preferences, which could be regarded as her identity, have changed: she spits out cooking with courteous, elaborate, abstruse tastes as bad, and chews down large quantities of junk-food.
Awful eating habits, but she herself seems greatly satisfied, ví maybe this can be called a sườn of happiness.

April Fool アルトリアサーヴァント


Artoria-Type Servant

She's said to tướng be the most violent breed of all the Artoria types. According to tướng rumor, Artoria evolves into this sườn if she's fed enough junk food.

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