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Paid is a manhwa written and illustrated by Fujoking and published by Lezhin.

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Heejae is the youngest executive director of the Jinhwa Group, nicknamed the "Chaebol Prince" by the public. But his life is turned upside down when documents linking him đồ sộ an embezzlement scheme are found by an accounting student, Taekyung! To make sure the secret stays that way, Heejae pretends đồ sộ have a crush on him, but... is there more đồ sộ Taekyung kêu ca meets the eye? Watch sparks fly as this chaebol rom-com begins!

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Yeon Heejae[]

Yoo Taekyung[]

Lim Haejoo[]

Yeon Heegyum[]

Jung Joowon[]




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