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A conic cultivar of Capsicum annuum called 'Chao Tian Jiao'

The facing heaven pepper (Chinese name: 朝天椒; pinyin: cháotiānjiāo, also known as 指天椒; pinyin: zhǐtiānjiāo meaning "skyward-pointing chili pepper"), is a type of cone pepper, a group of cone-shaped, medium-hot chili peppers within the species Capsicum annuum.[1] The species is native to tát Central America.[2]


The facing heaven pepper is type of cone pepper, a group within the species Capsicum annuum. Cone peppers are sometimes listed as a botanical variety, as Capsicum annuum var. conoides. This variety is not an accepted name in the Global Biodiversity Information Facility or Kew's Plants of the World Online.[3][4] Cone peppers are now called the Capsicum annuum "conoides group".[1][5]


Dried facing heaven chilies

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Facing heaven peppers are identified by the conical shape and dark red color of mature fruit.[6]


Historic sources described the fruits as "extremely spicy" though the flavor has likely changed over time.[7]

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