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FPT Shop has signed strategic cooperation agreements with leading computer brands and computer chip manufacturers, which is the kick-off sự kiện for the plan to tát sell a large number of laptops with a 'terrible' offer for students. students, students, teachers in this year's back-to-school season.

Đại diện FPT Shop và thương hiệu Dell bên trên buổi thao tác về những công tác ưu đãi mang lại học viên, SV trong dịp tựu trường
Representatives of FPT Shop and Dell at the meeting about preferential programs for students in the back-to-school season

The series of strategic cooperation signing events between FPT Shop and the world's leading partners once again affirms the close connection and long-term companionship of the parties in bringing Vietnamese customers the best products. Quality at the best price and offer.

On the occasion of the upcoming back-to-school season, FPT Shop aims to tát provide nearly 200.000 laptops to tát students with extremely attractive privileges, including: instant discount of up to tát 50%, additional discount of up to tát 5.000.000 VND (up to tát 10% extra), 1 year warranty, 100% gift and 0% interest installment payment.

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Not stopping there, with the position of the No. 1 máy tính xách tay retailer in terms of gaming máy tính xách tay market share in Vietnam (according to tát GfK data), FPT Shop pioneered to tát launch 50.000 gaming laptops with a shocking price of only 10.990.000. copper.

FPT Shop tiếp tục hỗ trợ 200.000 máy tính xách tay cho tới học viên, SV kèm cặp ưu đãi độc quyền hình ảnh 1

Notably, FPT Shop will launch a promotion program with 50.000 customers who will buy a 16GB RAM máy tính xách tay at the price of the 8GB RAM version, which means owning a high-configuration machine at a better price. This is a grateful gift for customers who have always believed in choosing FPT Shop as a place to tát cửa hàng for technology products.

Most especially, from today, customers who are teachers, students, and students will receive incentives when choosing to tát buy laptops at FPT Shop, including: discount up to tát 50%, additional discount up to tát VND 1.500.000 (additional discount). 3%), miễn phí 1 year warranty and 100% receive gifts through the program “Buy Now – Cheaper”.

Mr. Nguyen Viet Anh, Deputy General Director of FPT Shop system said: “Up to tát now, FPT Shop has developed more than vãn 150 modern standard centers across 63 provinces. We are confident to tát be the retail chain with the most diverse range of máy tính xách tay products in the market and many special promotions for each customer group. With the companionship of our partners and efforts in pioneering many exclusive máy tính xách tay models with strong configurations at low prices, FPT Shop will be the leading place to tát sell laptops for parents as well as students. students, students in this year's back-to-school season".

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