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Hepgentex drugs (Betamethasone, Clotrimazol and Gentamicin) are indicated for the treatment of a number of conditions such as: Dermatitis and allergies, skin infections, fungus, insect stings... đồ sộ avoid unwanted side effects.

Hepgentex topical cream 10g, has 3 main ingredients: Betamethasone 5mg, Clotrimazol 100mg and Gentamicin 10,000 IU. With the combination of the above 3 ingredients, the drug has anti-inflammatory, fungicidal and bactericidal effects:
Betamethasone is an anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic drug of the group of synthetic corticosteroids with strong and long-lasting effects. Clotrimazol is one of the broad-spectrum antifungal agents used đồ sộ treat skin diseases caused by fungal infections. Gentamicin is an aminoglycoside antibiotic with bactericidal effect on gram-negative and gram-positive aerobic bacteria.

2. Indications of the drug Hepgentex

Hepgentex medicine (Betamethasone, Clotrimazol and Gentamicin) is indicated for the treatment of a number of conditions such as:
Dermatitis and allergies: Acute and chronic eczema, atopic dermatitis, liên hệ dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis , exfoliative dermatitis, urticaria, chronic flat lichen, psoriasis , pruritus (anus, vulva); Secondary or suspected skin infection; Dermatophytosis with secondary bacterial infection with eczema; Insect stings. Contraindicated using Hepgentex topical in the following cases:
Skin ulcers, burns from 2nd degree or higher, colds; Tuberculosis, Herpes simplex, Herpes zoster, chickenpox, syphilis; Eczema dermatitis of the outer ear canal with perforated tympanic membrane; History of hypersensitivity đồ sộ aminoglycoside antibiotics (streptomycin, gentamicin, neomycin...), bacitracin or any component of the preparation; Infants, infants.

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3. How đồ sộ use Hepgentex ointment

To ensure effective treatment, it is necessary đồ sộ use Hepgentex drug according đồ sộ the following steps:
Wash your hands before and after applying the medicine; Clean and dry the affected skin area đồ sộ be applied medicine; Apply a thin layer of medication đồ sộ and around the area đồ sộ be applied (1 - 2 times daily according đồ sộ the manufacturer's instructions); Do not bandage or cover treated skin, unless directed by your doctor; Do not apply the medicine đồ sộ the eyes, nose, mouth; The duration of treatment is determined by the doctor depending on the severity of the disease, the location of the diseased skin and the response of each patient.

4. Notes when using Hepgentex medicine

Skin lesions can be caused by many different causes, ví you should not self-medicate Hepgentex without medical examination and prescription. Some skin side effects that may occur when using Hepgentex include: Irritation at the application site causing heat, redness, rash, peeling, foul-smelling discharge if the product is applied đồ sộ the vaginal area. ... These manifestations are easily confused with the symptoms of the disease. Therefore, if you see any abnormalities on the damaged skin or worsen after using the drug, you should immediately notify the medical staff. Do not apply a thick layer of Hepgentex, on a large area, in closed bandages, eyelids, breast area in nursing women. Some people need special caution when using it, including pregnant women, lactating women, children, people with chronic diseases or people who need đồ sộ apply the drug for a long time. Currently, topical products with similar ingredients are being sold at Vinmec drugstores nationwide. These are ETC drugs, prescription drugs. To ensure safe, reasonable and effective use, you can go đồ sộ Vinmec medical system for examination and treatment.

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