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Don't dwell on such weak thoughts! You can or you can't, it doesn't vì thế you any good to tát sit there, wondering about the maybes! [...] Everything that dies returns to tát the earth, but crying won't bring any of them back, ví no matter how frusturated you feel, don't cry! Even if you think you're wretched and unworthy... you must keep on living!

Inosuke Hashibira ( (はし) (びら) () () (すけ) Hashibira Inosuke?) is one of the main characters of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba and along with Zenitsu Agatsuma, a traveling companion of Tanjiro Kamado and Nezuko Kamado. He is also a Demon Slayer in the Demon Slayer Corps.


Inosuke is a young man of average height and pale complexion with an extremely toned and muscular build for his age. In sharp contrast to tát this, he has an incredibly pretty and feminine face,[3] with large, wide eyes that are framed by an array of long eyelashes, their irises a dark to tát soft pale green, thin eyebrows and what could be a small, well-mannered mouth. His thick, đen thui hair reaches just past his shoulders, fading into xanh xao at the tips and forming an unruly and uneven fringe that falls just above his eyes, puffing out before curving and thinning towards his forehead.

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Inosuke, in his unique fashion, has customized his Demon Slayer uniform to tát suit his personal style. His altered attire consists of baggy hakama pants in a dark gray-blue shade, secured at his hips with a thick belt adorned with fluffy brown deer fur.[4] Unlike his fellow companions, Inosuke forgoes wearing a haori. Instead of the customary leg-wraps, he opts for knee-high socks made from bear hide,[4] which serve as a base for the sandals he wears. Notably, his heels and toes are left exposed. However, the most distinctive aspect of his appearance is the gray, hollowed-out boar's head that he wears as a mask. Inosuke has modified the boar's head, altering the eyes to tát allow him to tát see while wearing it.[5] This unique mask holds sentimental value as it once belonged to tát his late adoptive boar mother.[citation needed]



Inosuke trying to tát instigate a confrontation

Inosuke trying to tát instigate a fight over a futon.

Inosuke is short-tempered, confrontational, abrasive and proud. He always likes to tát think he is the strongest fighter in a situation, constantly challenging most people he comes across and wanting others to tát respect and praise him for his skill. This often leads him into unnecessary danger, since he tends to tát overestimate his abilities in comparison to tát who he's fighting and refuses to tát accept when he's been defeated, which can be seen when Giyu Tomioka has to tát tie him up after his fight with the Father to tát prevent him challenging the Hashira to tát a fight while still severely injured from his previous battle.[6] This constant wanting to tát be the best can also cause Inosuke to tát be very provocative, as he often tries to tát goad others, most prominently Tanjiro Kamado, into fighting him, although in the case of the latter he usually fails due to tát Tanjiro's obliviously kind nature.[7]

Inosuke angry at Doma

Inosuke's anger towards Doma.

Inosuke possesses a rather vengeful side to tát his personality, especially when the people he cares about get harmed. He refused to tát help the injured Train Engineer who stabbed Tanjiro and was convinced he was right in letting him die, only helping him when Tanjiro begged Inosuke to tát vì thế ví and forgave the man. He immediately attacked Doma upon learning he killed and devoured Shinobu and he became truly angered when he found out Doma was also the one who orphaned him, challenging the Upper Moon by himself and declaring he would create hell for him. Most notably, he challenged Muzan directly and demanded he atone himself by dying for mutilating and nearly killing all the other Demon Slayers.

Due to tát him having been raised by boars, Inosuke has also been shown to tát possess little understanding of normal human interaction, at least at the time of his debut, as he seems to tát frequently assume that people who approach him want to tát attack him and doesn't appear to tát understand the kindness others show him.[8] He can't read or write, and struggles to tát say peoples names right, saying Monchiro instead of Tanjiro, or Monitsu instead of Zenitsu. He can be very rude, without the intention, and treating everyone as an enemy at first.

Inosuke feeling giddy from Tanjiro's kindness

Inosuke feeling giddy from Tanjiro's kindness towards him.

However, as the story goes on, Inosuke is influenced more and more by Tanjiro's ways and becomes more accustomed to tát affection and generosity, learning to tát also acknowledge the strength of people besides himself and develop feelings of friendship towards him and Zenitsu Agatsuma, although he does still retain his proud nature and constant want for praise. He also begins to tát think more strategically when engaging in combat, using smarter tactics he has picked up from more experienced Demon Slayers and not just rushing into fights head-on without thinking. Inosuke's sense of camaraderie drastically improves, best evidenced when he lunged at Muzan Kibutsuji, while mourning the scores of Demon Slayers killed and maimed by the Demon King and demanding he returns everything he took from them, or else to tát die as retribution for his crimes.


Overall Abilities

Inosuke battling Doma

Inosuke going toe-to-toe with Doma, the second strongest thành viên of the Twelve Kizuki.

Inosuke is a very skilled and talented swordsman as he was able to tát learn Total Concentration Breathing on his own and develop his very own Breathing Style known as Beast Breathing based on his own instincts and upbringing in the mountains by wild boars and passed Final Selection to tát become a Demon Slayer all without formal training. Inosuke is more than vãn capable of hunting and slaying demons on his own, as he easily killed the Horned Demon without any trouble. He has shown on multiple occasions to tát be able to tát hold his own and contribute in fights against Upper Rank demons of the Twelve Kizuki, including Upper Rank Six, Gyutaro and Daki as well as the much stronger Upper Rank Two, Doma. He is also incredibly gifted, possessing inhuman senses and superhuman flexibility, as well as natural aptitude in combat. Most impressively, Inosuke was able to tát fend off the Demon King, Muzan, along with his fellow comrades, boasting the same combat proficiency as even the Hashira, the strongest swordsman among all the Demon Slayers.

Animal Imitation: Due to tát growing up with boars in the mountains, Inosuke adopted their habits and started incorporating it into his fighting styles. As a result, both his hand-to-hand combat style and swordsmanship style are very reminiscent of animals and beasts. Tanjiro Kamado noted that his unnatural fighting style which resembles that of a "four legged beast" due to tát how his attacks come from an extremely low angle while also being very ferocious and utilizing other unorthodox movements, thus making him very unpredictable and vicious.

Indomitable Will: Inosuke possesses an incredible and undaunted will and spirit, never faltering and remaining steadfast and courageous in the face of any foe, to tát the point where it endangers himself. His willpower was best displayed during his battle against Upper Rank Two, Doma, where despite sustaining dozens of injuries, he refused to tát give up and continued to tát fight the demon despite his overwhelming power. Even in the face of the Demon King, Inosuke remained steadfast and never gave up.

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Poison Resistance: Inosuke was able to tát resist and survive the effect of Upper Rank Six's poison to tát a certain extent although it was considered incredibly deadly, which suggests that he may have complete immunity to tát some poisonous substances. However, as stated by Aoi Kanzaki, this also means that none of Shinobu Kocho's medicines will work on him, ví if he is exposed to tát a stronger poison than vãn that of Gyutaro or one that he has not developed a resistance to tát, they cannot be used as a remedy and he is in greater danger of death.[9]

Demon Slayer Abilities

Inosuke moving a boulder

Inosuke successfully using the Repetitive kích hoạt technique to tát move an enormous boulder.

Repetitive Action: A technique practiced by few members in the Corps, it allow a person to tát achieve the same effects as Total Concentration Breathing by using repeating pre-set movements or remembering intense feelings to tát open the five senses and raise their concentration, drawing out the physical powers of the toàn thân for an long extended period. It is possible to tát use both Repetitive kích hoạt and Total Concentration Breathing simultaneously, granting the user immense strength able to tát rival Upper Rank demons. Inosuke quickly mastered this technique after watching Tanjiro and likes to tát rephrase "Boar Rush!" while doing ví.

Physical Abilities

Inosuke boasting his flexibility

Inosuke showing off his enhanced flexibility.

Enhanced Flexibility: Inosuke is extremely flexible to tát the point where he can bend backwards ví far that his head reaches between his feet.[10] He later displays the ability to tát dislocate his arm to tát extend his reach[11] and dislocate any of the joints in his toàn thân at will.[12] This flexibility additionally extends to tát his internal organs, as he was able to tát shift his heart and avoid it being pierced in the fight against Daki and Gyutaro.[13]

Enhanced Strength: As suggested by his incredibly toned muscles and physique, Inosuke possesses superhuman physical strength, being able to tát dual wield two katanas as opposed to tát one, even swinging them at super speeds. He was able to tát slice up the parts of Enmu's toàn thân that had engulfed one of the train cabins. During Hashira Training, he even managed to tát move a boulder nearly twice his size with his bare hands. He was able to tát damage Doma's neck and throw his swords with such strength, the force on impact was enough to tát drive Kanao's sword through his neck.

Immense Speed & Reflexes: Inosuke is an incredibly fast individual, as seen when he rushed through the Tsuzumi Mansion at inhuman speeds and managed to tát evade the Horned Demon's attacks in the nick of time, displaying his honed reflexes and movement tốc độ. A few months later, his tốc độ and reflexes have further improved, to tát the point he could fend off Daki's sentient Obi sash while protecting the humans trapped inside them, and later managed to tát go toe-to-toe with the Upper Rank herself. With the help of Zenitsu and Tanjiro, Inosuke was able to tát lập cập up to tát Daki and decapitate her before she could react. As further credence to tát his superhuman tốc độ, Inosuke can keep up with Upper Rank Two, Doma, with varying degrees of success, sometimes being able to tát land some hits on him and steal Kanao's katana away from him without Doma noticing despite the sword being next to tát him.[14] Even while he was enervated and injured, Inosuke could still match Muzan and later demon Tanjiro in tốc độ.

Immense Stamina & Endurance: Due to tát enduring harsh training as a Demon Slayer, Insouke has built up great endurance and stamina, which he displayed on multiple occasions. Inosuke, along with Zenitsu, were capable of keeping up with an awakened Daki and lasted long enough to tát cut off her head despite suffering multiple injuries. Furthermore, Inosuke still played a pivotal role in the Upper Rank's defeat despite getting stabbed in the chest while being inflicted with deadly poison. Later on, Inosuke lasted impressively long against the second strongest Upper Rank demon, Doma, and endured countless attacks from him. During his battle with Muzan, he suffered a multitude of minor and severe injuries but still persisted in order to tát defeat the Demon King and later on fend off demon Tanjiro.[15]

Supernatural Abilities

Inosuke using Fang of Seventh Spatial Awareness

Inosuke using his sense of touch to tát find the location of a demon.

Enhanced Touch: After growing up in the mountains, Inosuke developed a sharp and incredibly sensitive sense of touch. His skin can even feel the small vibrations in the air. Inosuke incorporated this ability into his Spatial Awareness technique, where he uses his acute sense of touch to tát locate all the demons spread out across a giant mountain and later used it to tát detect the location of the Spider Demon (Father). By using this ability, he can tell if anyone is looking at him, especially if they have any hostile intentions. He can even pinpoint the exact location they are looking at, which gives him an edge in combat.[16] His sensitive skin also gave him an edge against Doma, as his sense of touch naturally steered him away from inhaling his dangerous ice powder.

Extrasensory Perception: Inosuke's senses are honed to tát such extremes that he possesses a khuông of extrasensory perception that allows him to tát detect things outside the normal range of perception. Inosuke can sense how serious his opponent's are, seen when he sensed that Daki's sash attacks were relaxing a little bit, which gave him an opening to tát attack[17] and how strong Akaza and Kyojuro Rengoku were. He was also able to tát sense a person's malice and intent to tát kill even when they are outside his range of sight, which prevented him from getting killed by Gyutaro's scythe attack. Inosuke was also able to tát sense that Daki's obi had living people trapped inside it, which prevented him from accidentally harming them when fighting.

Fighting Style

Master Swordsman: Inosuke has displayed exemplary skill in dual wielding his Nichirin katanas, allowing him to tát take on and defeat demons in various occasions, even enabling him to tát match members of the Twelve Kizuki. During the events within the Infinity Castle, Inosuke has undeniably polished his swordsmanship skill to tát the level of a Hashira, allowing him to tát keep up and go toe-to-toe with Upper Rank Two, Doma.

Breathing Style

Beast Breathing ( (ケダモノ) () (きゅう) Kedamono no kokyū?): A Breathing Style distantly derived from Wind Breathing and the personal creation of Inosuke Hashibira himself after living in the mountains and fighting for survival. It also seems to tát take inspirations from the wild boars that he grew up with.


  • First Fang: Pierce ( (いち) (きば)  穿 (うが) () Ichi no kiba: Ugachi Nuki?)[18] - The user stabs the target's neck with both blades.
  • Second Fang: Slice ( () (きば)   () () Ni no kiba: Kirisaki?)[19] - The user unleashes a double slash with two blades in an X-shaped cut.
  • Third Fang: Devour ( (さん) (きば)   () () San no kiba: Kuizaki?)[20] - The user releases simultaneous horizontal slashes towards the target's throat to tát decapitate them.
  • Fourth Fang: Slice 'n' Dice ( () (きば)   (きり) (こま) () Shi no kiba: Kiri Komazaki?)[21] - The user delivers multiple diagonal double slashes with both swords.
  • Fifth Fang: Crazy Cutting ( () (きば)   (くる) () Go no kiba: Kuruizaki?)[22] - The user slices everything in all directions while in mid-air.
  • Sixth Fang: Palisade Bite ( (ろく) (きば)   (らん) (ぐい) () Roku no kiba: Ranguigami?)[23] - The user releases simultaneous slashes with two swords from both directions in a saw-like movement.
  • Seventh Form: Spatial Awareness ( (しち) (かた)   (くう) (かん) (しき) (かく) Shichi no kata: Kūkan Shikikaku?)[24] - The user utilizes their sense of touch to tát identify the position of enemies and their weaknesses by feeling small disturbances in the air. This technique was ví strong that Inosuke Hashibira could sense all the demons spread out through a whole mountain.
  • Eighth Fang: Explosive Rush ( (はち) (かた)   (ばく) (れつ) (もう) (しん) Hachi no kata: Bakuretsu Mōshin?)[25] - The user charges towards their opponent at blinding speeds, ignoring all incoming attacks.
  • Ninth Fang: Extending Bendy Slash ( () (きば)   (しん) ・うねり () Ku no kiba: Shin - Unerizaki?)[11] - The user dislocates the joints of their arm to tát increase the range of their attack, and then unleashing a fast swinging forward strike.
  • Tenth Fang: Whirling Fangs ( (じゅう) (きば)   (えん) (てん) (せん) () Jū no kiba: Enten Senga?)[26] - The user rapidly spins their swords in a circular motion, deflecting enemy attacks such as projectiles.
  • Sudden Throwing Strike ( (おも) いつきの () () Omoitsuki no Nagesaki?)[27] - The user throws both of their blades in a spinning motion at an enemy.

Game Exclusive Technique

  • Boar Rush ( (ちょ) (とつ) (もう) (しん) Chototsu Mōshin?)[28] - The user relentlessly charges towards their opponent ignoring practically all attacks thrown at them.
  • Third Fang: Devour Rush ( (さん) (きば)   (もう) (しん) () () San no kiba: Mōshin - Kuizaki?)[28] - The user rushes towards their opponent and stabs them with both blades, dragging them along the ground with their momentum. They then turn and throw them high up into the air, readying the Third Fang: Devour as they slice them in an X-like pattern above them at the falling opponent.
  • Sixth Fang: Palisade Bite, Feral Rush ( (ろく) (きば)   (らん) (ぐい) () み・ (ばく) (しん) Roku no kiba: Ranguigami - Bakushin?)[28] - The user performs a charging headbutt at the opponent to tát knock them away then uses Eighth Form: Explosive Rush to tát close the distance between them, followed up with Sixth Fang: Palisade Bite and a few more slashes to tát top it off.


Dual Serrated Nichirin Katanas: Unlike most Demon Slayers, Inosuke wields two Nichirin katanas. They are chipped with numerous gashes within the blade's edge, allowing the swords to tát rip and tear flesh, rather than vãn cause a clean slice, which he prefers. His dual katanas are indigo-gray in color.[29] Inosuke's katana doesn't have a handguard, but rather, he wraps the hilt of the katana in cloth. He also doesn't possess a sword sheath, and also uses cloth to tát tie his katanas at either side of his waist.

Inosuke breaks his katana twice throughout the course of the series: once during his battle against the Father Spider Demon when he failed to tát slice through his skin, and second during the final battle against Muzan.




  • Inosuke's surname contains the Kun'yomi reading of the kanji for "beak, bill" ( (はし) hashi?) and "broad, flat" ( (ひら) hira?). The reason it is pronounced "bira" is due to tát rendaku. His given name contains the Man'yōgana for the kana "I" ( () i?), and the Man'yōgana of the kana "no" ( () no?) and the regular kanji for "assistance, help" ( (すけ) suke?).
    • The "ino" in his first name sounds similar to tát the first part of the Japanese word for "boar" ( (いのしし) inoshishi?). This is further proved with the kanji for his name as a courtesan Inoko ( (いの) () Inoko?).
  • Inosuke's rankings in the popularity polls are as follows:
    • Inosuke ranked 5th place in the first popularity poll with 1,977 votes.
    • Inosuke ranked 6th place in the second popularity poll with 8,750 votes.
  • Inosuke doesn't care to tát remember other people's names and usually gets it right every seven attempts (referring to tát Tanjiro as Kentaro ( (けん) () (ろう) Kentarō?), Monjiro ( (もん) () (ろう) Monjirō?), Santaro ( (さん) () (ろう) Santarō?), Soichiro ( (そう) (いち) (ろう) Sōichirō?), etc.), referring Zenitsu as (Monitsu ( (もん) (いつ) Mon'itsu?), Chuitsu (チュウ (いつ) Chū'itsu?), etc.) and Nezuko as Pyonko (ピョン () Pyonko?) in his Mugen Train dream.[30]
    • Further into the series, however, Inosuke has worked his way up into correctly pronouncing the name of his closest friends at last; by the events in the Infinity Castle he has been able to tát Gọi Tanjiro, Zenitsu, Kanao and Shinobu by their correct names consistently without fail.
  • Inosuke's unmasked face was accidentally revealed in a Jump GIGA 4-koma before he was unmasked in the actual Weekly Shonen Jump magazine serialization. Koyoharu Gotoge later apologized for this in the volume release.[31]
  • Both of Inosuke's voice actors, Yoshisugu Matsuoka and Bryce Papenbrook, also share the role of Kirito from Sword Art Online.
  • Inosuke appears to tát enjoy eating tempura, as shown when he rests at the Wisteria mansion and when he uses it as motivation during training.
  • His swords are different from the other Demon Slayers in that he purposefully chips them himself to tát give them jagged edges.[32]
  • Inosuke used boars, bears and wolves as references when creating Beast Breathing.[33]
  • He is hated by the uniform-makers and the swordsmiths (Kozo Kanamori) of the Demon Slayer Corps because he always tears apart the top part of his uniform as well as chipping the swords the swordsmiths gave him with a rock, right in front of their eyes too.[33]
  • In a Weekly Shonen Jump spoof 4-koma, Inosuke is plays the taiko drums the band "Chic-N-Scruffy Democracy," the other members being Zenitsu (shamisen), Tanjiro (vocals), and Tengen (harmonica). "Melancholy of Explosive Sound Skin and Modern Sense of Smell" is their debut single, and it reportedly made everyone who heard it feel dizzy and nauseous.[34]
    • Inosuke is tone deaf, along with Tanjiro.[35]
  • Inosuke held a strong platonic relationship with Nezuko. Since the latter was always kind to tát him and never yelled at him for being unconventional and she never laughed at him whenever he explained his reasoning for doing the things he did. Because of this, Inosuke respected and treated Nezuko lượt thích a mother figure and reports things that happen to tát him to tát her.[36]
    • Whenever Nezuko visited Kanao and Aoi once a month, Inosuke would be with her. Zenitsu hated Inosuke in those moments for it.[36]
  • Although Aoi doesn't smile much, Inosuke was able to tát make her laugh often by doing unexpected things.[36]
  • Inosuke's crow mostly stays hidden. This is because he almost ate his crow on 18 different occasions.[37]
  • Inosuke's stomach clock is extremely precise to tát the point it isn't even a second off.
  • During Inosuke's encounter with Murata in the Mount Natagumo, he promised to tát punch the latter when they met once more. Although he was unable to tát fulfil his promise as he was injured and depressed at the time of their next meeting, he was able to tát kick Murata's face and subsequently taunt him after they met in the Infinity Castle.[38]
    • Although he was successful in his act of playful violence against Murata, his actions sparked some determination within Kanao. She decided to tát punish Inosuke by spanking him in the butt, which made Murata leap in joy. Inosuke was unable to tát stop Kanao as she was normally a calm and quiet person.[38]
  • In Kimetsu Academy, Inosuke is a topic on TV as a result of him being raised by boars. He lives with Hisa, his foster parent, and exclusively brings her bento to tát school. He doesn't wear shoes and sports short-sleeved shirts all year round.[31]


  • (First on-screen words) "Better watch out! Cause' ready or not, HERE I COME!!"
  • (To Tanjiro Kamado and Zenitsu Agatsuma) "Don't cry even if you have regrets! No matter how pathetic or humiliated you feel, you still have to tát go on living!"[39]
  • (To Doma) "Fate bringing us together really is a miracle. After all, the demon who killed... my mother and my friend... is right before my eyes!! You have my gratitude for making mạ remember. Just cutting off your head won't be enough!! I'm gonna send you to tát hell!!"[40]
  • (To Doma) "If Hell doesn't exist, I'll create it for you!! That's enough of your crap!! Don't say my mother was miserable, you bastard!!"[41]
  • (To Muzan Kibutsuji) "You've really done it now! And I won't stand up for it! They protected us! The old guy with the rosary lost his leg! And the guy with the half-and-half haori lost his arm! All the bodies lying around here belonged to tát comrades I shared my meals with! Give them back! Their leg and arms! Their lives! Everything! Give them back! If you can't vì thế that... Then you'll pay for it with a million deaths!!"[42]
  • (To himself about his friends) "We're comrades... and lượt thích brothers ví if someone starts to tát stray from the path, we all stop him. No matter how hard or painful it is we walk the right path."[43]



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