Haerin (해린) is a South Korean singer and thành viên of NewJeans.


Haerin was born Kang Hae-rin on May 15, 2006 in Seoul, South Korea.

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Haerin attended school until her second year of middle school in 2020, during which she dropped out đồ sộ become a trainee. She trained for two and half years before debuting[unconfirmed].


2022: Debut[]

Haerin was revealed as a thành viên of ADOR's upcoming girl group NewJeans on July 21, 2022. She subsequently debuted on August 1, 2022 with the mini album New Jeans.

2023: Solo Brand Ambassadorship[]

On April 26, 2023, she was announced as Dior's Newest Jewelry Global Ambassador & Fashion, Beauty House Ambassador.[3]



Producing and writing credits[]

◯ = Participated in writing/composing/producing, ✖ = Did not participate in writing/composing/producing

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  • She has a younger sister. [4]
  • She has a pomeranian family dog named Banggeul. [5]
  • Fans have pointed out that she speaks in a Gyeongsang-do dialect but Haerin clarified that she has none and she was born and raised in Seoul.[6]
  • In an online diễn đàn, a student claimed đồ sộ have seen her take her middle school GED.[7] Haerin confirmed that she has taken GED in the 230829 NewJeans Soundwave FanSign Event. [8]
  • In 231028 Phoning Call with Hanni, Haerin stated that she has already graduated from highschool.
  • She likes the spaghetti her father makes for her.[9]
  • Her comfort food is Yubuchobap(fried tofu stuffed with rice) which she has been eating since she was little. She suggested đồ sộ have it when on a picnic. [10]
  • Haerin is known of her cat-like facial appearance. In addition she is also fond of cats and one of her phone lockscreen is her own drawing of a mèo.
  • Her famous pose, Diamond Heart, first appeared at their First NewJeans Phoning Live on 220806. She stated that she did not feel lượt thích doing heart that time and did a diamond heart.
  • Haerin, according đồ sộ members, hides half of her face lượt thích a mèo when she wants đồ sộ say something. [11]
  • Despite liking Pickles the Frog Tomato Frog plushie, she shared that she still doesn't have one. [12]
  • Her favorite colors are green and xanh rờn. [13]
  • Haerin can speak Korean, English, and Japanese.
  • Vanessa Kang is Haerin's English name.[14]
  • She learns English by copying the other members.
  • She was rumored đồ sộ have played pansori but she later denied it. [11]
  • She can play badminton, table tennis, jumping rope, and dodgeball.
  • She has stated that she dislikes the cold.[15]
  • Haerin's fans điện thoại tư vấn themselves 좋아해린사랑해린(joahaerinsaranghaerin, translated as I Like Haerin, I love Haerin). The 해 in Haerin's name matches the ends of Joahae(I lượt thích you) and Saranghae(I love you).
  • Haerin has two quirks that other members tease her with - one is that she likes đồ sộ stare at other members for a long time unknowingly and two is that she likes đồ sộ copy other their little movements and actions (notably Minji). Although she gets teased a lot when she gets caught, they are done affectionately by others as her quirks give her a lovable personality.
  • Her favorite season is spring and early summer.[16]
  • Haerin is said đồ sộ resemble characters such as Sawako (Kimi no Todoke), Kawakami Tomie (Tomie), and Koyun (Koori no Jouheki).


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