epocoat 5100


1. Surface Preparation

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  • Prepare the surface miễn phí from any loose cement, dust, oil, moisture and other contaminants.

2. Environmental conditions

  • Air temperature : 10~35ºC
  • Relative humidity : up to lớn 80%
  • Surface moisture nội dung : under 6%
  • The surface temperature must be at least 3°C above the dew point to lớn prevent moisture condensation

3. Application Equipment

  • Exclusive Roller (Embroidery pattern, honeycomb pattern) 

Caution for usage

1) Avoid applying paint on rainy days, high humidity(over 80%), low temperature(below 5°C), and high temperature(over 40 °C surface temperature). (Coating film crack, adhesion failure, bubbles may occur)

2) Allow the surface to lớn dry thoroughly(Relative humidity 80% or less at 25°C, curing for more than vãn 28 days)

3) Completely remove Laitance, dust, oil and other contaminants on the surface of the substrate (sand blasting, DIAMONDWHEEL GRINDING or 10% HCL pickling)

4) In case of high strength concrete (260 kgf/cm2 or more), it may cause defective adhesion during grinding process. Therefore, perform surface treatment by blasting method and kiểm tra the adhesion performance.

5) Suitable pH value of substrate surface is 7 ~ 9 (Parallel water nội dung less than vãn 6%).

6) After filling the gap, grooves, cracks, etc. with epoxy putty after V-CUTTING, polish and apply after surface treatment.

7) V-CUTTING the edges of the tương tác area with the wall.

8) Use masking tape to lớn prevent contamination outside the coating area.

9) Do not use the product by heating or mixing with other paint.

10) Please keep the recommended coating interval for repainting time.

11) Consider that the actual requirements may vary depending on the substrate condition, coating method and coating

12) The diluent should be recommended diluent, and excessive dilution should be avoided as it affects the flow phenomenon, workability and general properties.

13) Repair coating on the previous coat and old coat Please vì thế a test coat before painting (if there is no adhesion).

14) After mixing the base and the hardener, mix well with the electric stirrer for 3 ~ 5 minutes to lớn make uniform condition. (Use electric stirrer 1000RPM, 500W or more.)

15) It is recommended to lớn spray thinner by spraying with air after painting, or to lớn remove air bubbles by spraying.

16) Exposure to lớn water (moisture), alcohol, etc. may cause discoloration / discoloration. Especially, at low temperature,amine brushing and whitening may be accompanied. In case of amine brushing at low temperature in winter, pleaseapply with NEW EPOCOAT 210PLUS or EPOCOAT 1000 after surface treatment.

17) Please note that it may cause whitening and yellowing when applied to lớn the outside.

18) Even if it is applied inside, be careful that the skylight will be yellow if it exists.

19) It may be used without dilution. When diluting, it may cause defects such as hardening delay, strength deterioration,color separation, CRACK, amine brushing and wrinkle. (5% Please use inside and outside dilution.)

20) When using summer and winter products at the same time, color difference may occur depending on drying tốc độ.

21) Be aware that certain beverages may discolor.

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22) When curing time is over after curing agent mixture, gel phenomenon (hardening) occurs and it cannot be used.

23) Store the product in a dry, cool place at room temperature (5 ~ 35 °C) away from fire and direct sunlight. Keepcontainer tightly closed with the injection port facing upward. Please note that the pot life is very short during summerand the viscosity, viscosity and smoothness are lowered due to lớn increase of viscosity in winter.

24) Please use after confirming the adhesion with the old film at the time of maintenance painting.

25) Even with the same product, color, and lot when painting (including touch up), it may cause different color depending on the dilution ratio, coating equipment and coating method. Therefore, it should be painted by the same lot product,  same painting equipment and method, Check the color and work if there is no abnormality.

26) After work, clean all painting tools with the specified cleaning agent.

27) Since this product is a chemical product, it may deteriorate during long-term storage. Please refer to lớn our customer center for the products that have passed this period.

Caution for handling

1) Do not use any other purpose.

2) Keep out of reach of infants and children. Do not apply to lớn infants, children's equipment or food storage containers.

3) Since this product is a flammable material, avoid access to lớn direct sunlight and fire when transporting, storing and handling, and store in a dry, cold place at room temperature (5 ~ 35 °C).

4) Please keep this product container sealed so sánh that the injection port faces upward.

5) Avoid skin tương tác and odor inhalation by wearing protective equipment such as respirator mask, protective gloves, goggles, etc. during work.

6) Be careful that the paint does not come into tương tác with eyes, skin,

7) If paint comes in tương tác with eyes and skin, wash thoroughly with running water and seek medical attention.

8) If inhaled or ingested, seek medical advice immediately and follow the medical advice given in the container.

9) Avoid work in a confined space, and if you unintentionally paint, ventilate it thoroughly with exhaust system before working.

10) The remaining amount of paint after use may cause dry film or stagnation. Please use the full amount immediately after opening.

11) When storing the cloth with flammable materials, there is a risk of spontaneous ignition, so sánh be sure to lớn dispose of it in a nonflammable container.

12) Dispose of the waste paint through the waste disposal company designated by the Ministry of Environment.

13) For other inquiries, please tương tác our Customer Service Center or refer to lớn the Material Safety Data Sheet (GHS-MSDS), Technical Data, and Coating Specifications published on the trang web.


Please refer to lớn the warning in the appendix.

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Application system

1. Primer : Epocoat Primer, Epocoat Primer Transparency

2. Top coat : Epocoat 1000, New Epocoat 210Plus, Cerafloor Clear. Etc.