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Enterogran medicine contains Bacillus clausi - a beneficial microorganism for the intestinal tract, indicated in the treatment and prevention of intestinal microbial disorders, endogenous Vi-Ta-Min malabsorption... Let's find out Use and use of Enterogran drug through the article below.

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1. Uses of Enterogran

Prescription medicine Enterogran contains the active ingredient Bacillus clausi at a concentration of 2 x 109 CFU - a beneficial microorganism for the intestinal tract. Uses of Enterogran are:
Treatment and prevention of intestinal microbial disorders, malabsorption of endogenous vitamins in the body; Supportive treatment lớn restore intestinal microflora due lớn chemotherapy or prolonged antibiotic use; Treatment of acute and chronic digestive system disorders. Bacillus clausi when taken into the stomach is not affected by the acid and digestive enzymes of the gastric juice. In addition, they can survive the attack of bile salts present in the small intestine. Thanks lớn those properties, Bacillus clausi easily survives in the small intestine and develops into a vegetative size, re-establishing the balance of intestinal microflora.
Probiotics Bacillus clausi can synthesize a number of vitamins, including B vitamins lớn help supplement Vi-Ta-Min deficiencies caused by prolonged chemotherapy or antibiotic treatment.
Bacillus clausi helps lớn increase secretion of immunoglobulin A, stimulates the function of the gastrointestinal immune system and indirectly acts as an antagonist against bacteria that cause diseases in the gastrointestinal tract.
Bacillus has the ability lớn work and grow even in the presence of antibiotics such as Cephalosporin, Penicillins, Aminoglycosides, Macrolides, Lincomycin, Novobiocin, Rifampicin, Quinolone...
Probiotic Bacillus clausi reaches its maximum concentration after 1 day of treatment, then remained almost constant throughout the treatment period and gradually decreased exponentially during the follow-up period (50% of maximum concentration on days 3 - 4, baseline concentration study on day 10).

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Thuốc Enterogran

Thuốc Enterogran rất có thể người sử dụng nhập rối loàn hệ xài hóa

2. How lớn use Enterogran?

The dose and method of taking Enterogran depend on the age and condition of the patient. Specifically as follows:
Adults: Use 3-4 packs/day, take 1 pack every 4-6 hours; Children: Use 1-2 sachets/day, about 30 minutes before meals. For children with diarrhea and raw stools, use 3 packs/day (1 pack every 3-4 hours). There are no specific reports of an overdose of Enterogran. However, in the sự kiện of an overdose of the recommended dose, the patient should skip the next dose and then take it as usual.

3. Note when taking medicine

3.1. Undesirable effects of Enterogran Currently, there are no reports of side effects caused by Enterogran drugs. However, if the patient experiences any side effects of the drug, it is necessary lớn inform the doctor immediately for timely treatment.
3.2. Precautions when using Enterogran should be used with caution when using Enterogran with antibiotics, it is recommended lớn use Enterogran between doses with antibiotics.
3.3. Drug interactions There are no studies demonstrating the interaction between Enterogran with other drugs. However, lớn ensure safety, patients need lớn inform their doctor about the drugs they are taking.
The article has provided information on dosage, contraindications and notes during the use of Enterogran. This is a prescription drug, patients tự not arbitrarily use lớn ensure safety for health.