Eng Breaking: An English language learning tiện ích for all audiences. You are going to lớn practice for IELTS 6.5, TOEIC 700 via games and practice speaking with native English speakers.
🏆 Eng Breaking will help you become fluent in English in just 3 months.
⭐ English conversation practice with native speakers.
⭐ Daily English vocabulary drill by topics for students, professionals, and working individuals.
⭐ App for learning communicative English for beginners or those who lack an English foundation.

🚴 Learning English communication skills in the same way you learn to lớn ride a bicycle.
💪 Remember how you learned to lớn ride a bicycle? You learned by practicing!
💪 You got on the xe đạp, tried pedaling, practiced balancing, tried braking... day after day, you kept practicing and improving. - And one day, riding a xe đạp became effortless for you.
💪 Learning English communication works the same way. With just 3 months of learning and practicing using Eng Breaking's 3 exclusive techniques, you will immediately understand and speak English lượt thích a native speaker.

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💥 How does Eng Breaking achieve this?
👉 You can easily learn English on your own by studying English vocabulary, pronunciation, and listening through fun English learning games on Eng Breaking.
👉 You will enhance your listening and speaking skills, practice with learners from around the world, and improve your English communication skills quickly.
👉 With Eng Breaking, you will participate in classes with native teachers. You will engage in interesting topics, interact and exchange ideas with other learners, and significantly improve your listening and speaking abilities.
👉 Your English learning journey will be personalized based on your initial assessment and progress.
👉 The AI tutor will be your reliable companion, making everything easier. It will help you with pronunciation, teach you 3,000 commonly used English words, provide suitable English vocabulary based on different topics, and improve your listening and speaking skills through one-on-one sessions.

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🦄 Outstanding benefits exclusive to lớn Eng Breaking:
⚡ 285 common English phrases and grammar, along with 13 TOEIC and IELTS-based evaluations. All activities are designed to lớn help you automatically remember and put the knowledge into practice.
⚡ 36 most common English communication topics: Practice through 36 topics with interesting and practical nội dung, which helps you effectively improve your English listening and speaking skills.
⚡ 3,000 commonly used English vocabulary words that enable you to lớn understand and apply them in 97% of conversational situations.
⚡ 264 audio teaching materials with 2 tốc độ levels for listening and speaking practice, assisting those with a limited foundation in listening and speaking with an American accent.

🔥 Moreover, learning English with Eng Breaking helps you:
⭐ Build a streamlined, interesting, and highly applicable English learning path to lớn get IELTS 6.5 or TOEIC 700
⭐ Efficiently self-learn English through English learning games that help you overcome fatigue, fear of speaking, and become fluent in English in any real-life situation.
⭐ Improve your English pronunciation and vocabulary, from conversational English to lớn specialized English for workplace communication, interviews, and more.
⭐ Practice every day by playing games to lớn learn English vocabulary, pronunciation, and engage in real conversations with fellow learners worldwide. No memorization or exercises required. Just dedicate 30 minutes each day, and after 3 months, you will be able to lớn communicate fluently lượt thích a native speaker.
⭐ 567,300 students across Southeast Asia have succeeded with Eng Breaking's English courses.

Thank you for your trust and for using Eng Breaking - the English learning tiện ích. Liên hệ information and feedback:
- Email: [email protected]
- Website: https://goga.ai/
- Terms of Use: https://goga.ai/terms-of-use/