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Doc (ドク, Doku?) is one of the main character of the series. He is a Researcher hailing from the Artemis Institute, and serves as the "brains" of the main group of sorcerers. Despite his inherent cowardice, Doc genuinely cares about Seth, Melie and the rest of his companions and will often risk himself for their sake - much to lớn his chagrin.

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Doc Young

Doc's typical appearance after molting.

After molting, Doc's body toàn thân is reduced to lớn that of of a newborn. He eventually rectifies the issue by using an Aging Potion that increases his body toàn thân maturity to lớn a child's. In this state, Doc's face is clean-shaven and smooth lượt thích a typical kid. He is of average height for his age, and sports a slim build.

He wears a cyan shirt with thin, dark xanh xao stripes. Below, Doc has typically wear xanh xao slacks with thâm slings that rises upward and fastens around the shoulders. The researcher also has matching xanh xao boots, and wears a double tie around his neck. In this state, Doc's brown hair is well-kempt and put together.

Doc Old

Doc in his original size, as a middle aged man.

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Doc is a middle-aged man with an overweight build. He has an underdeveloped mustache that is sparsely haired on the opposite ends atop of his upper lip. Doc's face is best characterized by his tiny pupils and big eyes that are often highlighted when he's afraid or panicking.

He has unkempt, fuzzy brown hair and can typically be found wearing a striped xanh xao shirt, xanh xao slacks and boots. The slacks have thâm slings that connect to lớn shoulders. He also typically wears a unique, doubled necktie. As a result of Doc's curse, over time he begins to lớn molt. Once molted, he's reborn as a toddler from his old body toàn thân.


Doc is extremely cowardly, and values self preservation above all else. His timid nature never ceases to lớn manifest at even the slightest hint of danger, much to lớn the dismay of allies. Doc's fearful persona is so sánh great that it serves as the basis for his attraction to lớn the researching profession. As a result of his fear of dying when facing a Nemesis, Doc instead pursued a lifestyle as a Nemesis Researcher specialist as they don't often fight threats directly.

As a result of Doc's remarkable lack of luck, he's grown to lớn be somewhat pessimistic, and often assumes the worse case scenario no matter what situation he encounters. This pessimism plays into his paranoia, as he typically feels that the universe is out to lớn get him, and that any dangerous encounter may actually be his last.

He is known to lớn be extremely sheepish, especially when around women he finds attractive, such as Mrs. Melba. Doc always finds himself flustered and fails to lớn muster up the courage needed to lớn confess his love to lớn the barista. In the few instances when he manages to lớn bởi so sánh, his "confessions" are often meek and lacking in conviction, which leads to lớn Ms. Melba taking his comments in a different light than vãn intended.

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