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I have to tướng hide my power too. If he finds out I can read minds... I'll have to tướng lập cập away.

Anya Forger (アーニャ・フォージャー, Ānya Fōjā?) is the deuteragonist of the SPY x FAMILY series. Formerly known as Test Subject "007" (被験体"007", Hikentai "007"?), she is a telepath whose abilities were created in an experiment conducted by an unknown organization.

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She is a student in Cecile Hall at Eden Academy and the adopted daughter of Loid and Yor Forger.


Anya is a short young girl with fair skin and green eyes. Loid describes her as appearing about four to tướng five years old at the oldest.[8] Her green eyes are large and oval-shaped with prominent eyelashes. She has shoulder-length, light pink hair that curls inwards with a fringe that reaches just above her eyes and a small strand of ahoge at the top of her head. Anya is noticeably shorter kêu ca most of her peers, and many of the insults that Damian and his friends target her small size. However, in Damian's view, she gains a prettier appearance.

When Loid met Anya for the first time in the orphanage, she wore a simple Black dress with a white ribbon at the front, along with white folded-down socks and Black shoes. She also wears two Black hair ornaments with bright yellow embellishments resembling small horns on the sides of her head. Anya is never seen with her hair ornaments off, even wearing them to tướng sleep.

At Eden Academy, Anya wears the standard uniform with white knee-high socks and Black Mary Janes. She carries around a brown schoolbag with a sheep keychain attached. During physical education class, Anya ties her hair back with a red headband when wearing the school thể hình uniform, along with white socks and white thể hình shoes.

When she was younger, her hair was slightly shorter, and she did not wear her horn-like hair ornaments, instead tying her hair into small buns at the sides of her head. She also wore clothing that resembled scrubs.[9]


As a young child, Anya is very impressionable towards the people around her. For instance, reading Loid's mind and attempting to tướng mimic him, and learning how to tướng punch from Yor. Given her telepathic ability, which ostracized her from people and her many foster homes, she instantly took to tướng "Twilight" for being a real spy. Since being adopted, she wanted to tướng go wherever Loid was going in hopes of seeing the spy stuff she always sees on TV. However, after the events of Chapter 1, she has learned of the harshness of espionage and does her best not to tướng interfere with Loid's spy work. Despite this, Anya enjoys spy cartoons, her favorite being Spy Wars, and is often seen watching it whenever she can. Anya also finds excitement in Loid and Yor's secret jobs and identities. Anya is quite clever, being able to tướng spell long words by herself and helping Loid out as best she can, even nudging Loid and Yor together.

Anya's behavior portrays her as younger kêu ca the age she initially claimed to tướng be, which is around 6 years old. In reality, she is likely 4 or 5 years old, as she pretended to tướng be 6 after reading Loid's mind and realizing he needed a 6-year-old child. Loid, being supernaturally astute, had initially estimated her age to tướng be younger kêu ca six. Anya's demeanor reflects her young age, as she is gregarious, trusting, simple-minded, and easily distracted. She may not fully grasp the bigger picture or see the grand scheme of things, which is typical for children her age. Anya, lượt thích many young children, is self-centered and unaware of how her actions affect others. She opposes Nightfall as her "mother" due to tướng the fear of becoming an honor student through harsh methods. She is impulsive, breaking rules for excitement, and easily changes plans for personal gains, such as treats or awards. This is not to tướng say she is narcissistic as it is common for young children to tướng not be able to tướng fully consider others at such a young age.Despite this, she is not unintelligent or narcissistic; rather, it is common for young kids not to tướng consider others' needs at such an early age.

Given her likely younger age, it is remarkable that Anya can keep up with an advanced curriculum designed for older children. While some may perceive her as intellectually lacking for a six-year-old, she is most likely a highly gifted, talented and precocious young girl, showcasing impressive abilities for her age.

Anya is shown to tướng understand complex certain situations and what solutions are necessary but not the more abstract parts of it. For example, she comes up with clever plans to tướng befriend Damian in order to tướng help Loid's mission, such as helping him with an art project or using her dog Bond as bait for an invitation to tướng his house after reading his mind and learning he loves dogs; however, she fails to tướng realize that her lack of art of skills was not only not helping him but actually making him hate her more, or that a kid that has repeatedly expressed his intense disdain for her would effortlessly become her best friend because they both have dogs.

Anya's primary flaw lies in her inability to tướng see the bigger picture, often fixating only on immediate desires or goals. Despite her strong desire to tướng assist Loid with his mission and excel academically, she consistently neglects her studies and fails to tướng grasp how her impulsive actions may be perceived by others or their long-term consequences.

Anya's tendency to tướng keep her powers hidden stems from both orders by the facility's doctors and fear of social rejection. This fear contributes to tướng her inclination to tướng act without considering the broader implications of her actions. One notable example of her shortsightedness is her failure to tướng realize that revealing her powers to tướng Loid would be of great help to tướng him. Additionally, after learning about Loid's dangerous spy mission to tướng prevent a world-threatening situation, Anya eagerly accepts the opportunity without fully understanding the potential risks and dangers involved.

Despite her flaws, Anya's intentions are often driven by a genuine desire to tướng assist others, even if she lacks the ability to tướng see the larger consequences of her choices.

Anya's upbringing in the unknown facility has left her with significant abandonment issues, driving her desperate desire for a loving family. This motivation leads her to tướng assist Loid and Yor in maintaining their family bond. She is emotionally affected by the fear of being replaced or left behind, and the potential revelation of family secrets causes her distress.

Despite enduring difficulties in the facility, Anya remains relatively resilient. However, her aversion to tướng studying arises from being compelled to tướng focus on honing her special "gift" during her time there. The subject of her "real" mother is a sensitive and emotional topic for her, evoking tears when brought up.

Anya's ability to tướng read minds has its advantages, enabling her to tướng size deep connections with others, as demonstrated by her ability to tướng calm a distressed cow and save a drowning child. However, it also poses challenges, as her lack of situational awareness and social skills can lead to tướng erratic behavior and conflicts with her peers. Nonetheless, she displays a kind and empathetic side despite these struggles.

However, Anya is not above being a little cocky. She is quick to tướng show off when she does something remarkable, lượt thích when she earned a Stella Star and wore it on her uniform sánh everyone could see it. That said, it is understandable due to tướng her being a child.

One of her most remarkable traits is that she does everything she can to tướng help Loid in his mission to tướng prevent a war and "achieve world peace," although in a childlike and innocent way. As such, she puts all her effort into getting close to tướng Damian Desmond to tướng help Loid accomplish his mission. Anya is often seen creating "plans" that might help her get along with him.

Abilities and Skills[]

Telepathy: Anya is capable of reading the minds of other people and animals, her ability depicted as small sparks around her head. However, she is sensitive to tướng being in large crowds as she becomes overwhelmed and dizzy by too many thoughts, to tướng the point of getting a nosebleed. Anya finds it difficult to tướng understand complicated minds, such as Loid's.[10] She must also be within a certain distance of her target to tướng read minds.[11]

Classical Language: Anya is mysteriously knowledgeable of classical language, despite having barely learned the subject at school, as Loid notices she could have scored well on her test if she did not make sánh many spelling mistakes.[12]

Resourcefulness: She is shown on numerous occasions to tướng have a decent level of street smarts, saving Loid from potential death using her resourcefulness and quick thinking skills. From time to tướng time, Anya has been able to tướng trick Loid, despite his extremely observant skills and cautious attitude. She is also capable enough to tướng make a makeshift bomb, albeit with the knowledge of an aspiring assassin.

Anya's Killer Punch

Anya's "Killer Punch"

Basic Self-Defense: Anya has been taught by Yor some early basic self-defense. She is strong enough to tướng send Damian flying several feet with a punch to tướng the face.

Above Average Strength: Despite her size, Anya is capable of sending people flying with a punch if angered.

Above Average Intelligence: Though it may not seem lượt thích it at first, one must remember that as a four or five-year-old child, Anya manages to tướng pass most of her Eden tests, albeit barely. She also does well in classical language, considered advanced in today's society, ignoring her spelling and grammar mistakes.


Anya Eclipsing

Anya's Eclipsing

Eclipsing: In a phenomenon dubbed "Eclipsing" by the scientists at Anya's former laboratory,[13] Anya's telepathic abilities are temporarily disabled during the new moon.

General Skill: Anya is shown to tướng be poor in a variety of skills including studying, drawing, sports, and music. She often obtains single-digit scores for her tests and resorts to tướng her telepathic abilities to tướng get through classes and exams instead, refusing to tướng study unless under Loid's strict supervision and during her "Eclipsing." Even when motivated to tướng study during her midterm exams, she just barely passes. She tries to tướng play a child-sized violin Loid buys her but causes the strings to tướng snap with her bad playing.

Poor Grammatic: Anya has very poor grammatic skills. It is often that whenever she shows her personal notes to tướng anyone, they cannot understand what she is writing, comparing it with a bunch of scrawls.

Poor Academics: Anya has low to tướng sub-par abilities when it comes to tướng academics, notably scoring very low in most of the tests she has taken at Eden Academy. She seems to tướng have an over-reliance on her telepathy skills, especially when troubled, primarily using it to tướng answer homework questions and sometimes cheat on tests. Her poor academics can be partially attributed to tướng the advanced material she is studying, paired with her likely being younger kêu ca she claims to tướng be.

Anya tries to tướng read Loid's mind

Anya tries to tướng read Loid's mind

Lack of Control Over Her Power: Anya is only able to tướng control her telepathy at a small amount, which often leads Anya to tướng unwillingly read every single thought of everyone around her.

Crowd: When Anya is exposed to tướng huge crowds, she often tends to tướng get dizzy or exhausted by uncontrollably reading most of the whole crowd's minds.

Lack of Athletic Ability: Befitting her age, Anya is extremely poor when it comes to tướng physical exercises, getting winded easily, having poor coordination and low strength, being unable to tướng serve a ball properly despite Yor's training, and her putting her full strength into it. This lack of ability has extended to tướng various sports, including tennis, jump rope, swimming, and vaulting.

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Awards and Demerits[]

Type Event Awarded Description
Tonitrus Bolt Anya Punches Damian Chapter 8
Episode 6
On Orientation Day, Damian and Anya quarreled, accumulating to tướng the point when Anya became increasingly upset and eventually punched Damian. Due to tướng her resorting to tướng violence, she would have gotten punished with three Tonitrus Bolts, but Henry managed to tướng lower it to tướng only one for her noble reason of defending Becky.
Stella Star Ken Saved From Drowning Chapter 16
Episode 11
When checking the temperature of the hospital pool water, Ken, a child in recovery, ended up falling into the pool and started drowning. Anya telepathically heard his cries for help and dove into the pool to tướng save him. Loid ended up rescuing both of them. For helping to tướng save Ken's life, Anya was awarded a Stella Star.
Tonitrus Bolt Donna Gives Anya A Tonitrus Bolt Chapter 61 Donna Schlag was inspecting the students of Class 1-3, and Damian realized he did not have his handkerchief, which would result in a Tonitrus Bolt. Fearing Damian receiving a Bolt would jeopardize Operation Strix, Anya gave Damian her handkerchief, believing she had a spare. However, she did not and got a Tonitrus Bolt in Damian's stead.
Stella Star Bill, Damian, Anya and Becky receiving a Stella Chapter 75 Because of her brave and selfless actions during the bus hijacking incident, Anya earns her second Stella Star alongside Becky, Damian, and Bill.

Chapter Appearances[]

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Introduction Arc
Mission 1 Debut
Mission 2 Appears

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Admissions Interview Arc
Mission 3 Appears
Mission 4 Appears
Mission 5 Appears
Mission 6 Appears

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Eden Beginnings Arc
Mission 7 Appears
Mission 8 Appears
Mission 9 Appears
Mission 10 Appears

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Secret Police Arc
Mission 11 Appears
Mission 12 Pictured
Mission 13 Appears
Mission 14 Appears

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Stella Star Arc
Mission 15 Appears
Mission 16 Appears
Mission 17 Appears

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Doggy Crisis Arc
Mission 18 Appears
Mission 19 Appears
Mission 20 Appears
Mission 21 Appears
Mission 22 Appears
Mission 23 Appears

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Midterm Exams Arc
Mission 24 Appears
Mission 25 Appears
Mission 26 Appears
Mission 27 Appears
Mission 28 Appears

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Campbelldon Tennis Arc
Mission 29 Appears
Mission 30 Appears
Mission 31 Fantasy
Mission 32 Appears
Mission 33 Absent
Mission 34 Appears
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Imperial Scholars Mixer Arc
Mission 36 Appears
Mission 37 Appears
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Cruise Adventure Arc
Mission 43 Absent
Mission 44 Appears
Mission 45 Appears
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Mission 53 Fantasy
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Mission 57 Appears

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Mission 58 Fantasy
Mission 59 Appears
Mission 60 Absent
Mission 61 Appears
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Mission 63 Absent

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Friendship Schemes Arc
Mission 64 Appears
Mission 65 Appears
Mission 66 Appears
Mission 67 Appears
Mission 68 Appears

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Red Circus Arc
Mission 69 Appears
Mission 70 Appears
Mission 71 Appears
Mission 72 Appears
Mission 73 Appears
Mission 74 Appears
Mission 75 Appears
Mission 76 Appears
Mission 77 Mentioned
Mission 78 Appears

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Mole Hunt Arc
Mission 79 Appears
Mission 80 Appears
Mission 81 Absent
Mission 82 Absent
Mission 83 Absent
Mission 84 Absent
Mission 85 Absent
Mission 86 Appears
Mission 87 Appears

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Extra Missions
Extra Mission 1 Appears
Extra Mission 2 Appears

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Short Missions
Short Mission 1 Appears
Short Mission 2 Appears
Short Mission 3 Appears
Short Mission 4 Appears
Short Mission 5 Absent
Short Mission 6 Absent
Short Mission 7 Appears
Short Mission 8 Absent
Short Mission 9 Appears
Short Mission 10 Appears

Anime Appearances[]

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Season 1
2. SECURE A WIFE Appears
11. STELLA Appears
12. PENGUIN PARK Appears


  • Anya is a Slavic diminutive of the name "Anna," meaning "grace."
  • Anya's name was originally Romanized as "Ania" by Tatsuya Endo, and thus, often written as such in the backgrounds of some of the earlier chapters.
    • This carries over to tướng the anime, as evident by the sign on her bedroom door.
  • Anya's former code name 'Test Subject "007"' is a reference to tướng the fictional character James Bond and his code number 007.
  • Anya has a childish manner of speaking by frequently mispronouncing words. In Japanese, this is expressed through her using hiragana in speech instead of kanji.
    • As further proof of this, she refers to tướng Loid and Yor as "chi-chi" and "ha-ha", even when addressing them, which is an incorrect use of the terms.
  • Anya's favorite things include her chimera doll, peanuts, spy cartoons, silenced pistols, bombs, castles, penguins, her uniform, Loid, Yor, and Becky.[14]
  • Anya likes the extra toys that come with some candy brands and attempts to tướng use her telepathy to tướng read the nội dung of the box to tướng obtain her desired toy.[15]
  • As Loid stated, Anya is quite picky about her food.[16] Some of the food she likes including peanuts (her favorite)[17], cake[18] and hamburg steak[12]. She hates carrots.[19]
  • Anya barely passed the written exam of Eden Academy's admissions process with a score of 31.[20] She is bad at most of her subjects and resorts to tướng using her power to tướng get the answers most times. However, she has talent in Classical Language (equivalent to tướng the Latin language in the real world) and scored a 41 on the test.[21][22]
  • It is quite possible that Anya is four or five years old instead of six, which she only claimed to tướng be after reading Loid's mind and discovering he needed a six-year-old. Loid himself assumed she was around four or five when he first met her.
    • If she is four or five instead of six, it might explain her academic difficulty.
  • Anya was initially planned to tướng be older and taller, as seen in an initial sketch of the family. Her expression also appears to tướng be much more serious or aloof.[23]
    • Anya's design is adapted from Ashe, a character in Tatsuya Endo's previous one-shot Rengoku no Ashe.
  • Anya is the first of her grade to tướng receive a Tonitrus Bolt[24]; she is also the first to tướng be awarded a Stella Star[25].
  • Anya's chair, featured on the cover of the second volume, is a Marshmallow sofa designed by Irving Harper of George Nelson Associates.[26]


  • (To herself, regarding Loid and her powers) "I have to tướng hide my power too. If he finds out I can read minds... I'll have to tướng lập cập away."[27]
  • (To herself, thinking about Loid): "Papa is the world's biggest liar. But… he’s a cool liar."[27]
  • (To Damian, regarding Loid) "I don't really know if my papa likes bầm or not, sánh I'm a little scared too… But… I believe in him. Because I love him. And so… I am going to tướng summon all my courage to tướng tell him I failed!"[28]
  • (To Loid Forger) "No, I'm okay. But I wish that mama could be with us. I always lượt thích it best when I can be with both of you."[29]


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