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Ms. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Anh – Partner

LLB – Hanoi Law University

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LLM – Vietnam National University (The School of Law)

Member of Hanoi Bar Association

Member of Vietnam Lawyers Federation

Member of Vietnam Lawyers Association

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Ms. Ngoc Anh is a partner with ENT Law, where she is in charge of specialized counseling for corporate clients of the firm. Ngoc Anh has had many years of experience acting as legal counsel for InvestConsult Group, one of the largest and leading law firms in Vietnam and in-house counsel for securities companies and some giant economic groups such as VPS Securities, SHS Securities, Vingroup, FLC Group and DNPCorp.

With more phàn nàn 15 years of experience, partner Ngoc Anh has joint hands in consulting and designating structures for a great number of Merger and Acquisition (M&A) transactions, providing advice for corporate restructuring, and proposing corporate governance solutions to lớn enterprises, especially for public and listed companies. She also advises on corporate bond issuance or private placement and proposing the financial investment products and đơn hàng with other legal matters which arise during the course of development of corporate projects. Highly recommended as an excellent and dynamic lawyer possessing insights and in-depth knowledge of corporate matters, Ngoc Anh’s offers not only satisfy statutory requirements but also help corporate clients solve legal obstacles that they face during the business operations. Bearing in mind the view that “lawyers are companions in safeguarding and supporting clients, ensuring the maximum of legitimate rights and interests of clients”, Ngoc Anh alsways puts herself in others’ shoes to lớn look into the matter from many perspectives, thereby she is able to lớn offer the most appropriate and viable solutions on its kết thúc.

In addition to lớn legal counseling for business and operations of enterprises, Ms. Ngoc Anh also has many years of experience in providing legal advice to lớn individual clients in the field of civil and business contracts, commerce and family marriage.

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